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FPA is the community that fosters the value of financial planning and advances the practice and profession of financial planning. We are an authoritative source of high quality content and education about the practice and body of knowledge of financial planning through:
• Cutting-Edge, Peer-Reviewed practitioner and academic content/research
• Leading Educational Programs for practitioners at all career stages (in-person/virtual)
• Career Development Programs from getting started in practice to succession planning

The FPA of Minnesota programs have a strong educational basis, as well as engaging, non-soliciting speakers. Through annual polling, we attempt to identify the needs and wants of the membership. We look for input on topics and speakers in an effort to maximize participation and return on investment.

career opportunities

The Career Opportunities area is a valuable tool for experienced financial planners, those who are just beginning a career in financial planning and those who have chosen to pursue the CFP® certification.

FPA Residency Program hosted in Denver, CO

  • FPA’s highly acclaimed program offers an intensive, client-centered training experience. This week-long program provides insight and training in the financial planning process and in client communication skills through comprehensive and detailed case studies.
  • Ideal for new CFP® certificants and financial planning students eligible to sit for the CFP® certification examination.
  • Residency participants are eligible for 28 hours of CFP® Board continuing education credit or three months of financial planning work experience.

career resources

FPA of MN offers a useful list of resources for career development that includes other financial planning organizations, books, articles, newsletters, and more. Click the button below for the full list of our suggested resources.

CFP® Board

CFP® certification

What Is A Certified Financial Planner Professional?  The Certified Financial Planner professional is a member of a distinguished profession dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals, families and businesses.

Certified Financial Planner is far more than a title, it is precise definition of a person’s competence, experience, and intelligence in the complex profession of financial planning. Not every person who is described as a financial planner is a CFP Licensee; to earn this title the financial planner has demonstrated competence in analyzing and developing personal and business financial plans through the successful completion of a series of rigorous financial planning examinations.

The CFP professional’s area of expertise is in analyzing needs and prudently arranging overall financial plans rather than in promoting individual financial products. In carrying out this task, one CFP certificant may be more knowledgeable in a particular field than another and therefore recognizes the need to consult with qualified individuals in other specialties and in those areas traditionally and legally set aside for others.