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Chapter meeting
July 19

Metropolitan Ballroom, Golden Valley
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Hr 1: Yield Curve Control Versus Other Increasingly Ineffectual Monetary Policy Tools
Presenter: Dr. Lacy Hunt

This presentation will evaluate the effectiveness of the yield curve control mechanism for transmitting monetary policy actions to the broader economy by evaluating against the merits and demerits of policy rate changes, quantitative means, cooperating with the depository institutions, signaling, and coordination of monetary and fiscal policy.

Hr 2: Macroeconomic Theory and the Current Environment

This presentation will evaluate the critical determinants of the power of monetary and fiscal policy. For monetary policy, this hinges on the factors that determine three critical variables, the reserve aggregates, the money multiplier and the velocity of money. For fiscal policy, the core issues are whether the government debt multiplier is negative or positive and what is the role of debt when economies become extremely over-leveraged.

Option to join via Zoom will be offered.
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