Chapter events

Chapter meeting
February 15

Metropolitan Ballroom, Golden Valley
7:00 - 10:00 am
Presenter: Derek Hagen, CFP®, CFT-I™, FBS®, CFA, CIPM

Hour 1: Financial Therapy: Working With Resistant Clients
Have you ever had a client who never seemed to follow your advice? Have you exhausted all your options - showed them the data, the charts, the graphs? You’ve warned them. You’ve tried persuading them. You used interactive visuals. Nothing seemed to work and now you think you might have to fire them.

If you’ve experienced this, you know it can be frustrating. In this session, you’ll learn why your clients act like this - paying you and don’t follow your advice. Using tools from financial psychology, neuroscience, motivational interviewing, and behavioral finance, we will talk about the stages of change clients go through, how their brains respond to stress (and how just being in your office is stressful), and how to help them find their own motivation to change. You don’t have to fire them, you just need a new set of tools to help them change their behavior.

Hour 2: Financial Therapy: Working With Resistant Couples
Have you ever had clients argue during your meetings? Do you have clients who blame their partners for financial issues? Do you find yourself siding with one partner over the other?

Working with couples has its challenges. Not only are their twice the people, but there is the relationship between partners is introduced. Money is already stressful; adding an extra person can make it even more complex.

Learn how to best work with couples, including managing differences, facilitating difficult conversations, and how to not side with one partner over the other. Using ideas from financial psychology and behavioral finance, you’ll learn different ideas to help your couple clients get on the same page.

Option to join via Zoom will be offered.
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