Recap: February Chapter Meeting – Top 15 Estate & Tax Planning Traps

The Top 15 Estate & Tax Planning Traps and How to Avoid Them – Speaker John (Jeff) Scroggins, from Atlanta, GA, little known to everyone, had to come a day early to Minnesota due to bad weather in GA. Luckily Jeff made it safe and sound and was able to give a very useful presentation with many take-away’s for our guests and members.

Due to the in-depth information, Jeff was not able to cover all of the 15 traps, but generously offered to be a resource for questions and clarification by giving out his contact information ( This was a robust presentation and showcased how we can protect our clients and their families, by being aware of common mistakes and traps in areas where our clients have no do-overs. Jeff helped to clarify what advisors should be asking their clients in the estate and tax areas, and how important a role we can play by being thorough.

Jeff also added a personal component with stories he shared of client experiences over his 36 years as a CPA and Tax Attorney. The handouts provided gave both traps and planning opportunities that advisors can implement immediately to assist their clients to add value and cement relationships. In addition, Jeff’s website has tools advisors can print off to use in their practice. Overall the presentation was interesting and useful.

If you missed the meeting, this is one that you should consider purchasing as a Virtual Seminar.
Members: $30; Season Ticket Holders: $15; Meeting Attendees: $15; Non-Members: $45