FPA Partners with LifeCare

Now recruiting for members to serve as Content Specialists

A new opportunity for FPA members to demonstrate their experience and knowledge of financial planning to millions of American workers.

FPA has partnered with LifeCare, one of the country's leading providers of work/life balance services to 61,000 American companies and over 61 million American workers. The partnership with LifeCare calls for both organizations to create an education hub on the LifeCare platform that their members can access to learn about personal financial matters. The content will be generated by CFP® members of FPA who will act as content specialists. These members will be engaged by the LifeCare team to develop articles, podcasts and on-demand webinars for their members to use. The goal is to begin generating this new content in the coming weeks.

We are now recruiting FPA members to serve as content specialists and could use your chapter's help in getting the word out. For a member to qualify for this opportunity they must:

  • Be a member of FPA in good standing
  • Be a CFP® professional
  • Have attended an FPA media training
  • Be comfortable with speaking and/or a solid writer
  • Be proficient in one of the key content areas we are recruiting for right now (see below)

The following are the key content areas where we need members to serve as content specialists. We are limited to recruiting four members per subject area. The subject areas include:

  • Financial considerations of preparing for a baby
  • Financial considerations of adoption
  • Financial considerations of raising a child (covering infant, toddler, preschool, school-aged children)
  • Special needs planning
  • Financial considerations for an aging loved one
  • Finances and Getting Married
  • Financial Planning and Divorce
  • Finances and Serious Illness
  • Financial Considerations of Moving/Relocating
  • Dealing with Financial Hardship
  • Dealing with Loss
  • Financial Planning and Military Personnel

Over the coming months we will be opening recruitment for additional content areas, but for now we are restricted to the content areas mentioned. Those who are interested in being a content specialist will be asked to work with the LifeCare team to dig into these topic areas to uncover all of the potential financial issues and develop content to educate LifeCare members. In return, members who participate will be promoted on the LifeCare platform. So this is very good visibility for participating members and FPA!

I am hoping to start collecting names of interested members ASAP. If your chapter would be willing to let your members know I would appreciate it. If you have members who want to participate, they should email me at blewis@onefpa.org with the following details:

  • Name
  • Credentials
  • Company
  • City/State
  • Chapter Affiliation
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website Address
  • Link to Bio Online

Here is a link to a video that explains the LifeCare partnership.