What are the Benefits of your FPA Membership to your Business?

As a young advisor new to the profession, FPA has been a great opportunity to network with a large variety of financial professionals, both new to the business and veterans of the industry. The members of the FPA create a very nurturing environment through their ongoing willingness to provide help and support.

In addition, the FPA provides a great opportunity for members to become engaged and active in our financial planning community through their various committees, allowing us to serve in areas that we find important and want to contribute to and give back to. Working with other members of the FPA allows us to collaboratively come together with our knowledge, resources, and expertise to work towards improving our industry right here in MN.

I am proud to be a part of an organization that holds the same values as myself – always putting the client first.

Derek Grant, CFP®

Derek N. Grant, CFP®
Grant Wealth Management Group