Five-Week Education Session for Tapestry Wraps Up

Submitted by Seth Tenpenny...  Jeanna (Sabers) Fifer and Seth Tenpenny, members of the Financial Education committee, recently completed a five-week session with Tapestry Family Resource Center. Tapestry, a non-profit in south Minneapolis provides resources for young women with children or that are pregnant. In addition to prenatal and child care services, Tapestry also seeks to provide its clients with life skills, including financial education. The Financial Education committee was able to work with Tapestry leadership to create a four week curriculum that included income tracking, expense management, budgeting, use of credit and debt management. The session was capped off with a one-on-one session with a financial planner for each of the class participants. The feedback from class participants and Tapestry was extremely positive and the Financial Education committee is looking forward to future sessions at Tapestry in the summer and fall of 2015.