What are the Benefits of your FPA Membership to your Business?

In a word connecting.

I think the biggest benefit of my FPA Membership is the opportunity to connect and network with a trusted group of professionals who have an excellent reputation for helping their clients make the most of their retirement.

In addition, I believe my membership in FPA can provide assistance to financial advisors in connecting with a local expert (there are now several local reverse professionals in MN FPA), and can help them understand the ever-changing reverse mortgage product. In the past 12 years, I have seen the perception of the reverse mortgage product within the financial planning community evolve from a product of “last resort” to another financial solution in the financial advisor’s tool belt.

As a side note, attendance at some of the FPA functions has allowed me to meet a lot of very nice people.

Jeff Flannery
Jeff Flannery
Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Cambria Mortgage