Whoo Hoo…11 new members from this year’s Symposium!

Thank you to the Membership Committee for a job well done!!!
Whoo Hoo…11 new members from this year’s Symposium!

The Membership Committee has done a fabulous job all year and everyone on the committee has worked hard to fulfill our mission to recruit and integration new members. This year at Symposium we had the first ever Breakout Session for non-members. Each non-member was invited to have Pizza and Pasta while listening to a panel of seasoned advisors talk about their FPA experience. We ended the session with Q & A and many good questions were asked about membership in our chapter.

The result of the committee’s hard work…
ELEVEN New members added to our great chapter!
Please take a moment to thank your membership committee on a job well done!

Chad Halbur
Brad Barinsky
Michelle Campbell
Craig Dahl
Brad Frane
Patti Mazzara
John O’Keefe
Patrick Redman
John Walsh