September 16th Review: Morning with Michael Kitces

Submitted by Nicole Rosandich, CFP® - Programs Committee Director

Hour 1 - Rising Equity Glidepath Asset Allocation in Retirement.
Hour 2 - Future of Financial Planning in the Digital Age.


Michael Kitces always draws a crowd for FPA of Minnesota. His presentation is a nice mix of heavy content and humor. This was no exception. His first presentation was on his research in asset allocation. Through his research he recommends something contrary to years of advice in regards to bonds. As only Kitces can, he supported all his findings with fact. He ran over 1.2 million trials to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and is working on further research on this topic. I look forward to seeing him present on what he finds.

In the second hour we had Kitces present on something a little different. He’s known for his in depth research and technical information. But, he is also a great visionary and he looked at financial planning in a digital world. How can technology help us reach our clients? How do you build trust in an age of technology? He pointed out if Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest country. The United States would be 6th. All these facts come into to showing how financial planning is going to change.

My only regret is we ran out of time for questions as I have a standing prize for anyone who can “stump the kitces.