SYMPOSIUM SPEAKER – October 21st, Economist Panel

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Bob Callahan - Committee Member

Presentation Scheduled for Tuesday, 1:05 - 2:55 pm
Approved CE: 2 CFP, 2 NASBA/CPE, 2 MN & WI insurance, 2 CIMA
2 hours of ND insurance is available if also attending Year End Tips and Tax Strategies (Total 6 hrs)

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Economist Panel: David Kelly, Rick Golod & Jerry WebmanSymposium-2014-Econ-Panel

Each year, the attendees of the Symposium are asked to rank each of the sessions and speakers. One of the consistently highest ranked sessions that has been repeated for a significant number of years is the Economist Panel. I’ve been humbled to moderate this panel for the last several years and consider it one of the best sessions of the entire Symposium for the following reasons:

  1. Dr. David Kelly, Dr. Jerry Webman and Mr. Rick Golod are three of the best economists in the world, in my opinion.
  2. I use the results of this session and each of these individual’s ongoing economic articles multiple times each week in my client reviews.
  3. FPA MN President Julieann Schroeder has told me that she also uses this information with her clients on a regular basis.
  4. I need and use very little other economic data for clarity on the status and direction of the world economy.
  5. These three individuals represent a tremendous amount of dollars invested in the United States under management.

Information comes to most of us in a variety of forms. I receive over 8,000 emails every month. Clearly, being inundated with all of this information is overwhelming. Wouldn’t you like to attend a single session from on Tuesday, October 21 at the 2014 FPAMN Symposium at the Minneapolis Convention Center to receive a clear and concise review of the status of today’s economy with highly valuable opinions on where it is going from three of the best in the world? I wouldn’t miss this presentation. This session is worth the cost of the entire two-day event. I invite you not to miss it this year. Clarity has big value.