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  • Lead a Class: How Much Insurance Do I Need? -Como Park Senior High School in St. Paul
  • Lead a Class: Navigating Employee Benefits -High Land Middle School in St. Paul
  • Presentation on Credit, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts -Families at Portland Village
  • Teach a Class: Budgeting Matters -BestPrep, High School Aged Children
  • Teach a Class: Credit Matters -BestPrep, High School Aged Children
  • Join a Task Force: Newsletter and Member Communication
  • Give Back - Become Engaged: Plan Future Initiatives and FPA of MN Direction

FPA pro bono

FPA pro bono is a way to give back to our community while providing financial guidance to people in need or crisis. Through pro bono service you can connect with members of the FPA chapter, and help our profession forge an identity of caring for our society’s financial well-being. For new financial planners, it is a way to build your planning skills.

Financial Planning Day

Financial Planning Day

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

who can participate?

All FPA members may participate. For individual consultations, you must be a CFP®, or be a CFP candidate working under the supervision of a CFP®. Allied professionals may provide services in their area of expertise, and all members can help with organization and outreach.

what services can I offer

  • Seminars and workshops for individuals and families:
    • Basic financial literacy
    • Budgeting
    • Debt management
    • Understanding insurance
    • Building savings
    • Customized programs
  • Seminars and workshops for staff of partner organizations
  • Individualized counseling

make a difference

Many people think of financial planning as something for the wealthy or for active investors. In fact, it’s much more than that. Financial planning involves all kinds of everyday money matters, such as designing a household spending plan, managing credit card bills, choosing insurance policies or refinancing a mortgage.  Financial planning means setting and reaching goals, now and in the future. It means getting one’s financial life organized and working. From insurance claims and taxes to paying for children’s education and planning for retirement…an FPA volunteer can help qualified pro bono clients with all kinds of needs. When you help a pro bono client you can help change a life.

how to get involved

The FPA of Minnesota has partnerships with the following non-profits:

    • Prepare + Prosper - 1-on-1 financial planning sessions to low-income individuals, One-on-One Pro Bono Requests through FPA Website - One-time commitment as need arises
    • ALS Association - Assist families impacted by ALS
    • Angel Foundation - The Financial Cancer Care program through the Angel Foundation connects cancer patients with a trained Certified Financial Planner to help patients understand all of their financial options and build a plan that will assist the patient in creating a sustainable financial future.
  • BestPrep - Statewide nonprofit organization with a mission to prepare students with business, career and financial literacy skills through hands-on experiences that inspire success in work and life.
    • BestPrep: E-Mentors - Serve as mentors via e-mail with high school students
    • BestPrep: Classroom Plus - Giving classroom presentations and host workplace tours
    • BestPrep: Financial Matters Initiative - Giving classroom presentations to high school students
    • BestPrep: Minnesota Business Ventures - Volunteer for this week-long program for high school students
  • JuniorAchievement - BizTown - Volunteer with students getting a simulated "real work" experience
  • Law Enforcement Memorial Association (LEMA) - Works with the families of police officers who have died in the line of duty
  • Young Adult Mentoring Program - Serve as a mentor for young adults with limited family resources
  • The Tubman Center - Provide financial education to women who have been victims of domestic violence
  • Major HOPE (Cancer Survivors) - Assist families impacted by cancer
  • Military Initiative - 1-on-1 planning sessions for soldiers, veterans, and their families
  • Tandem (formerly Tapestry Pregnancy and Family Resource Center) – Provides financial education to mothers / expecting mothers to empower better decision making and achieve financial independence

To get involved, contact Minnesota FPA by clicking here. From there you can provide us with your contact information and one of the committee members will contact you. Please review the attached documents on the buttons below. These are documents that you will need to follow, review and execute with a pro bono client during your consultation.