The Power of Financial Planning, Part Four

The EX Factor: Why There’s Value in a Financial Adviser’s Experience — and How to Measure It

Here in the fourth installment of a five-part article series on The Power of Financial Planning, we look at the power of experience in financial planning — what a person stands to gain in working with a financial professional whose track record suggests they’re well-equipped to meet that person’s unique planning needs.

In the world of financial planning, where it can be difficult to discern one financial adviser from the next amid a myriad of professional designations, specializations and marketing claims, experience can be a true differentiator.

It’s true that in assessing the value a financial professional provides to a client, generally it’s more about the quality of the results and service that professional provides than it is about the quantity of time that professional has worked in the business. Still, professional experience can be an important factor in the quality of results and service a financial professional is able to deliver, and therefore an important factor for people to weigh when it comes time to choose the adviser with whom to entrust their assets and their financial planning needs.

Here are a few factors on which to assess a financial professional’s experience and track record:
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