Crystal Ball Gazing: Watch for These Seven Developments and Their Impact on Your Finances

Here’s what we know: The U.S. economy remains in high gear. Unemployment is near all-time lows. Investors are content as the stock market continues its lengthy run-up. Interest rates have nudged higher, as has the U.S. inflation rate. All against the backdrop of a volatile global political climate.

Which raises the question: What happens with the economy, and with some of the other key factors that tend to influence Americans’ financial well-being and their money decisions, for the rest of 2018 and beyond? While no one knows exactly how the future will unfold, we can at least benefit from a few well-informed predictions about potential market, regulatory, legislative and general money-related developments that could impact peoples' financial lives, boldly offered by financial professionals who keep close tabs on issues like these — presumably without the benefit of tarot cards, Ouija board, palmistry or a magic eight-ball.
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