What We Can Learn from Baby Boomers About Managing Our Finances

This article is the third and final in a series that explores what people from one generation have to teach others about managing their money and their financial lives. The series concludes here with a look at what we can learn about financial responsibility from members of the Baby Boomer generation.

Seventy-five million strong, the Baby Boomer generation (born 1946 to 1964) has seen and experienced plenty: multiple wars, including a Cold War, varying extremes of economic prosperity and distress, the Summer of Love, Watergate, the emergence of the Space Age, the rise of television, the ascendance of computers and the Internet, America’s first black President — the list is a long one.

It is against this backdrop that Boomers have developed their own unique sense of how to conduct their financial lives. What do they have to teach us about how to handle our money and our finances? Here are some qualities, habits and practices common to Boomers that, according to personal finance experts, may be worth applying to our own lives:
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