**The following statement was distributed to Minnesota media outlets on June 5, 2016**

Statement from the Financial Planning Association of Minnesota:

Don’t panic!

Over the last 12 days, financial planners from all over the state have received inquiries from their clients about how they should manage their investments in the wake of British citizens voting to leave the European Union. Our collective answer to that question is to stay the course and stick with your long-term plan.

When gloomy headlines about horrible markets dominate the news cycle, it may be tempting to act impulsively and pull out of the market. This is normal human nature. But such impulses can be hazardous to your wealth. We learned about the importance of investment discipline in 2009, and we want to remind investors again that patience is critical during times of economic uncertainty.The U.S. markets are showing signs of getting back on track, and we are hopeful that trend will continue.

If you have concerns about your investments, talk to your financial planner. If you don’t have a financial planner, visit our website at to find one near you.