What are the Benefits of your FPA Membership to your Business?

What are the Benefits of your FPA Membership to your Business?
Amanda Moore - Cornerstone Wealth Advisors, Inc.
We live in a world that is constantly moving. With technological improvements and global integration, change is occurring faster and making the world smaller. Whether it is fluctuations in the markets, tax laws, regulations, or a client’s personal circumstance, as planners it is our duty to clients to be aware of and to understand these changes by being diligent and intentional in learning. FPA enables our firm to serve clients better by keeping us relevant through membership meetings, conferences, webinars and the online forum.

FPA also supports our advisors and our firm in developing a network of like minded professionals. Although it would be nice to know everything, we have limitations and we may not always be the best professional to help our client battle a certain situation. We serve clients best when we have a trusted group of professionals with whom we can discuss planning techniques, ask questions of, or if need be, refer a client to.

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