SYMPOSIUM SPEAKER – October 21st, Shari Harley

Presentation Scheduled for Tuesday, 11:40 am
Approved CE: 1 NASBA/CPE, 1 CLE LOM
Approved CE: Denied or NO CE: MN - ND - WI insurance, CIMA

Where Did My Clients Go? Get More Clients. Keep More Clients

Clients provide us with clear feedback. They hire us, or they don’t. They return our calls, or they don’t. They refer others, or they don’t. Unfortunately when clients are dissatisfied, they don’t tell us. They vote with their feet. 99% percent of client turnover is predictable and preventable. The signs are everywhere. We just don’t know what they are, because, for the most part, clients don’t tell us. Clients leave and we never know why. Get to the heart of what your clients need and why they hire or fire you. Never get fired again and be surprised.

Shari Harley is the author of the business book How to Say Anything to Anyone: A Guide for Building Business Relationships that Really Work and is founder and President of Candid Culture, an international training firm that is bringing candor back to the workplace, making it easier to tell the truth at work. Shari will be speaking at the October Symposium. Learn more about Shari and read an excerpt from her new book at

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