Doubleheader – Alternative Investing and Late Stage College Planning

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Presenters: Jeff Brainard CFS, CFP® and Chris Wills

HR 1: Alternative Investing: A Key to New Possibilities
The objective of this presentation is to educate advisors on the benefits of alternative investments and illustrate how alternatives may be used as part of an overall financial portfolio. As the global financial markets become increasingly intertwined, economic data and events in the U.S. can now have a major impact on the overseas markets, and vise versa. As a result, correlations among markets have increased, making it more challenging to diversify investment portfolios. Against this backdrop, there has been a steady increase in alternative investments as suitable investments for investors looking to further diversify their portfolios.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, attendees will:

  • Gain and understanding of alternative investments
  • Know the purpose of alternative investments
  • Learn how to implement an allocation to alternatives

HR 2: 8 Insider Tips to Late Stage College Planning
College is now the second largest purchase most people make in their lives, yet most know more about buying a television. The significant increase in cost and complexity has families desperate for answers, and offers financial advisors a tremendous opportunity to provide value.College planning is much more than 529 plans, and understanding this hot topic better can elevate you and your practice. You will not want to miss hearing a local expert provide strategies and insider tips on late-stage college planning to help families navigate the complicated college process and save tens of thousands of dollars.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, attendees will:

  1. Attendees understand how the college purchase has changed and why it is essential to be knowledgeable on it to serve their clients
  2. Attendees understand the two types of financial aid attendees can access to pay for college, how they differ, and how they can used
  3. Attendees understand the recent significant change to the FAFSA process
  4. Attendees learn at least one specific strategy to save families money on the college purchase
Jeff Brainard CFS, CFP®, Director & Senior Portfolio Specialist - IndexIQ

Jeff Brainard
CFS, CFP®, Director & Senior Portfolio Specialist - IndexIQ

Jeff Brainard CFS, CFP® is a Regional Director & Senior Portfolio Specialist at IndexIQ, responsible for ETF sales and distribution in the Mountain States region, working in partnership with MainStay Investments’ Regional Vice Presidents.

Jeff has an extensive background in financial services and has worked in the ETF industry for 13 years of his 16-year career. Prior to joining IndexIQ, Jeff was Vice President for ETF Business Development at Deutsche Bank in the Mountain States region.

Prior to that, he served as Vice President at ALPS Portfolio Solutions and their asset management division, where he worked in sales, sales management, and product development. He graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS in Accounting and holds FINRA series 6, 7, and 63 securities registrations. Jeff is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP® ), a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), and lives in Denver, CO with his wife and three children.

Chris Wills - President, College Inside Track

Chris Wills
President, College Inside Track

As a college student, Chris Wills founded a company now helping over a half million high school students transition to life after high school and has had a passion to help families with the college admission process ever since he and his parents made many mistakes and learned things the hard way.

He is now the President of College Inside Track, which helps families navigate the complicated college process and save lots of money. Last year, they helped save families an average of $18,872 per year on college.

He has been a featured speaker at college admissions and school counseling conferences around the country.