Behavioral Finance: The Nature of Investing

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Presenter: Katherine Collins

Biomimicry and complex adaptive systems (CAS) provide intellectual frameworks that are rooted in science, inherently adaptive and creative. These characteristics provide a great complement to many of our other business tools and “mental models.”

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session, attendees will:
  • Explore some of the shortcomings of neoclassical economic theory and modern portfolio theory
  • Understand the relevance of complex adaptive systems and biomimicry as tools to offset those shortcomings and to improve our investment decision-making.
  • Analyze case studies to bring the above theory to life.
  • Gain knowledge and tools to employ in daily investment practice.
Katherine Collins, Founder and CEO - Honeybee Capital

Katherine Collins
Founder and CEO Honeybee Capital
Katherine Collins is Founder and CEO of Honeybee Capital, pollinating ideas that reconnect investing with the real world. She is author of the book, The Nature of Investing: Resilient Investment Strategies through Biomimicry.

Katherine has over twenty years of professional investment experience. At Fidelity Management & Research Company, she served as portfolio manager for a number of multi-billion dollar equity funds and as head of equity research, lead one of the largest buy-side research teams in the world. Every fund that Katherine managed outperformed its benchmark during her tenure.

As her interest in sustainable and regenerative finance grew, Katherine set out to re-integrate her investment philosophy with the broader world, traveling as a pilgrim and volunteer, earning her MTS degree at Harvard Divinity School, and studying the natural world and biomimicry as guides for investing in a more integrated way, in service to our communities and our planet.

Katherine serves in numerous board and advisory positions with groups such as Wellesley College and its Business Leadership Council, the Biomimicry Group, Harvard Divinity School Dean’s Council, the Santa Fe Institute, Last Mile Health, Sustainable America, Sprout Lenders, BELLE Capital USA, Ethical Markets Media, and Criterion Institute.

She is an alumna of HDS and Wellesley College, and is a CFA charter holder. Her closest neighbors in Massachusetts are several thousand honeybees.