FPA of MN Newsletter – December 2015

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A Huge Thanks

Greetings to all,

It is hard to believe December is already here and the year is nearly over. For my final President’s message, I wanted to take this opportunity to give a huge thanks to those who have worked so hard to make this year such a successful one. We’ve being able to accomplish so much, as you’ve heard and read about (and hopefully experienced!) throughout the year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of so many of you.

On a personal note, I had no idea what to expect when I took over as President of FPA at the beginning of the year. In reflecting on the last year, I can honestly say I had more fun and felt more fulfillment than I could ever have imagined. And again, this was because of so many of you.

First, a huge thanks for Bonnie Stanley and her team for all of their efforts in ensuring the success of FPA of Minnesota. You are all such an integral part of our success, and we are extremely grateful for you.

A huge thanks to the fantastic Board of FPA of Minnesota for all of your dedication in helping this organization continue to thrive, specifically:

  • San Asato
  • Kathie Bortnem
  • Mark Brice
  • Karen D’Aloia
  • Bob Eichten
  • Jeanna Fifer
  • Kristy Gusick
  • Aaron Hasler
  • Craig Jergenson
  • Sara Kantor
  • Scott Nelson
  • Jerry Patterson
  • Julieann Schroeder
  • Lisa Stitzel

Thanks so much to all of those who have served on committees and as volunteers for our numerous programs and initiatives. Your engagement has been vital in helping our FPA of Minnesota continue to prosper.

Thanks much to our fantastic Partners for providing the tremendous support that you did for FPA of Minnesota, not only in terms of financial support but also in all the ways you have been all-around ambassadors for the “gospel” of financial planning

And a big thanks to you, our members of FPA of Minnesota, for continuing to support FPA andthe financial planning profession in all the ways that you do. You really are the lifeblood of our organization.

I feel so thankful for having had the opportunity to serve such a great Chapter as FPA of Minnesota and to have had the opportunity to work with so many of you in doing so. I’m so proud of what we are able to accomplish this year and am very excited to continue to be a part of such a tremendous group going forward. Thanks again for a great year, and have a great Holiday season.


Steve Gilbertson, CFP®
Accredited Investors, Inc.


Member Media Training
Thursday, December 10 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Want to become a “go to” source for journalists?

FPA is hosting another all-member virtual media training on September 3rd, 3:00 pm CST. Over the years FPA has become a ‘go to’ resource for members of the industry and mainstream media who are writing about personal finance and the financial planning profession. Once you have attended a FPA media training session, you are then approved to respond to the media queries which are sent out by the PR committee chairperson, Kristy Gusick. FPA members who are CFP® professionals and attend this media training program can participate in FPA media queries that are sent daily.

Each 90-minute media training program, conducted by FPA Director of Communications Ben Lewis, covers the essentials in working with journalists, including:​

  • How to pitch story ideas to reporters;
  • What you need to do to prepare for interviews;
  • How you can improve interview performance;
  • The tactics for ensuring you maintain a great reputation with reporters;
  • Representing FPA and the organizational messages; and much more!

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Save the Date! The 10th Annual Career Day 2016

February 26, 2015
Double Tree – Park Place Minneapolis

Are You Looking to Hire? Looking to be Hired?
FPA Career Day is designed to simplify the process for you!

Career Day brings together established financial planning professionals and those newer to the profession with a day of speakers, workshops, discussions and interviews. Keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

FPA of Minnesota Serving on the OneFPA Advisory Group

The FPA of Minnesota is honored to have two participants serving on the OneFPA Advisory Group - Jason Plank, Past President, and Bonnie Stanley, Executive Director. The group consists of 13 individuals from large and small chapters and national staff. The individuals chosen are strategic thinkers (creative ears and eyes) and a sounding board of those initiatives and recommended changes that come from FPA leaders at the annual Chapter Leadership Conferences. Their focus is to support/vet the goals as determined by the OneFPA Board at the national level. The group nrecently gathered at the Chapter Leadership Conference held in Denver, CO.

Fraudsters Have Gotten Smarter

Submitted by Karen Heintz - Professional Issues Committee Member

It was not that long ago that we laughed about the fraudster emails we would get that used obviously incorrect grammar and asked us if we could help their client open an account and bring $10 million in diamonds to the U.S. with a hefty fee for us. We don't see those anymore because the fraudsters have gotten smarter.

A fraudster emailed an advisor, from what appeared to be the exact correct email address of a client, with new wire instructions to wire a modest several thousand dollars because the client was abroad and needed cash. The client actually had been traveling abroad. The advisor forwarded the request to her assistant. The assistant replied to the client's actual real email address requiring a phone conversation with the client prior to sending a wire to a bank that was not set up on the client's account. The email string went back and forth a few times between the fraudster, the assistant and the advisor, with excuses why the client could not have a phone conversation, before they became suspicious that they may not be communicating with their actual client. A phone call to the client's cell phone confirmed that it was not the client making the request for money to be wired. Internal procedures being followed precisely saved several thousand dollars from being sent to a fraudster.

Similarly, in another city, a fraudster sent an email to an advisor, again from what was the actual real client email address. The client requested a third party wire to pay for an antique car they were buying from an online car dealer. The client had told the advisor he was looking at antique cars and had emailed the advisor some photos. The advisor told his assistant to wire the money and she said she could not do a third party wire without speaking to the client. The advisor was annoyed because he didn't want to bother the client and it seemed like poor client service. The assistant remained steadfast and when she called the client she learned that the client had not sent the email requesting money. Again, following internal procedures precisely saved thousands of dollars from being sent to a fraudster.

The smarter fraudsters are hacking into client's email systems, learning where they are traveling or what they are buying, finding the advisor's email address and trying to steal the client's money. No poor grammar or odd sounding phrases. Instead these emails from fraudsters sound just like the client they are pretending to be. No outrageous dollar amounts that would make anyone immediately suspicious. Instead, these are typical client requests. To stay ahead of the fraudster, advisors and staff have to make sure they talk with their clients and do not take direction or orders from clients via email.

In both situations, the clients were very glad to get the call to double check the requests. The clients were extremely concerned about how and who had hacked their email and they immediately notified their email provider. Advisors and staff were reminded why they follow internal procedures religiously.

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