CFP® professionals are registering for FPA Retreat 2017

With limited availability, CFP® professionals are rushing to sign up for FPA Retreat 2017. This is the marquee event for CFP® professionals because only at Retreat can practitioners uncover, address, and intimately engage with some of the most challenging, relevant,

Interview: 5 Tips for Gen Y’ers to Organize Student Debt

Kare 11 – 5 Tips for Gen Y’ers to Organize Student Debt – Sophia Bera, January 8, 2015. Follow the link above. Here’s a transcript from the Kare 11 interview with Diana Pierce. Americans are looking at a student-loan debt

Nominations are open for the 2015 MBEA Awards

Ever wish for a way to call attention to the GOOD behavior of a business you serve or that serves you?  Now you have that chance!  The Minnesota Business Ethics Award® (MBEA) invites all Minnesotans to recognize and celebrate businesses