2020 Vision: Prepare for These Seven Market and Money Trends in the New Decade

The decade of the 2010s opened during the depths of what was later dubbed the Great Recession, an economic freefall precipitated in large part by the dubious activities of some of Wall Street’s biggest investment banks. Ten years prior, the 2000s were ushered in with a loud burst of the dot-com bubble, followed by a sustained bear market and recession.

While the 2020s appeared poised to open free of the economic turmoil that greeted the previous two decades, the new decade still presents its own unique set of financial issues, possibilities, opportunities and threats that warrant attention — and, likely, a measure of advance planning.

Here at the dawn of a new decade, the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) marks its 20th anniversary by asking some of its CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional members to peer into their crystal balls and offer insight into the key trends they see shaping the world of personal finance, investing and advice in the decade ahead.
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