Hire Expectations: How to Get the Most Out of a Get-to-Know-You Meeting with a Financial Adviser

So you’re shopping for a financial adviser? When it comes time to sit down with a financial professional for an initial meeting, first impressions can go a long way toward determining whether that meeting ultimately will lead to a more lasting adviser-client relationship.

The person sitting across the table from you could be not only your chief financial guide, but also a valuable and trusted sounding board, strategist, troubleshooter, confidant, coach, problem-solver and voice of reason. In filling these important roles, a financial professional can have a profound impact on a person’s life, now and for decades to come. That first meeting can tell you much about the individual and the firm you’re considering hiring, and whether they’re a good match for you, in whatever role(s) you envision them playing on your behalf.

For all that’s at stake, from saving toward near- and long-term goals to managing investments to ensuring your assets are adequately protected with insurance, hiring a financial professional is not a decision to take lightly, says FPA member Dennis Nolte, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional in Oviedo, FL. “You need to be an educated consumer. This is the person you could be trusting with your hard-earned money.”

To get the most out of that meeting, and a good read on the financial professional and firm you’re considering, be sure to come prepared. What exactly does that entail? Here’s a rundown of the information to consider bringing and the approaches to consider taking during a first meeting with a financial professional, along with a glimpse of what to expect during that meeting, so you can make constructive use of these all-important get-to-know-you moments.
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