The Power of Financial Planning, Part Three

The third installment in a five-part article series on The Power of Financial Planning explores the many areas of specialization within the field of financial planning, and why it can be in a person’s best interests to work with a specialist who’s uniquely qualified to address a very specific set of circumstances and needs. Access Part One and Part Two of the series here.

Specialists are everywhere in our lives. There are doctors who treat only heart issues, auto repair mechanics who fix only Japanese-built cars and attorneys who handle only personal injury cases.

People turn to specialists when they’re seeking insight and answers for a highly specific set of issues — issues a professional with deeper, more focused training, knowledge and experience might be better equipped to address than a generalist in the field would be. And, just as there are good reasons to turn to a specialist for a medical, legal or automotive issues, there are plenty of situations where it makes sense to enlist a specialist within the field of financial planning.

Anyone who has assets they want to grow and protect for now and for later in life, anyone who wants greater control of their financial life and their family’s financial future, could benefit from working with a financial planner. The question is, what type of financial planner would be best for you, given your own very specific circumstances, goals and priorities?
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