Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin: A Quick Primer for Curious Investors

In early April 2018, The Street, a finance and investing website, ran an article headlined, “Why Cryptocurrency Could Be the Next Frontier in Retirement Investing.” A few days later, an article headlined, “The Scary Truth About Bitcoin and How It Could Ruin Your Retirement,” appeared on The Cheat Sheet, a lifestyle website.

With dozens of conflicting headlines like these floating around, it’s little wonder the subject of cryptocurrency — at its most basic, it’s a form of digital currency, of which Bitcoin is one, enabled by a distributed, peer-to-peer technology known as blockchain — is not only piquing the public’s (and the media’s) curiosity, it’s raising a lot of questions and causing considerable confusion about whether it’s worth paying attention to, not just as the latest “shiny object” to hit financial markets, but as a viable investment option for the masses.
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