The Power of Financial Planning, Part Two

What Sets a True Financial Planner Apart from the Crowd

The spectrum of professionals who offer financial planning services is a broad one — so broad, in fact, that it can be difficult to define exactly what a “financial planner” is and the kinds of skills they should bring to the table in their work with clients.

Amid the alphabet soup of acronyms that may appear on a financial professional’s business card or résumé to represent the professional licenses, designations and certifications that person has earned, it’s critical not to lose sight of the fundamental skills and attributes that set true financial planners apart from people who claim the title but lack the training, competence and expertise to substantiate it. The benefits of working with a financial planner are well documented. But to realize those benefits, you better be sure the professional in whom you are entrusting your financial well-being — and, likely, your assets — has the right combination of core competencies and expertise.

This article, the second in a five-part series on The Power of Financial Planning, details what that combination of competency and expertise might include.
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