Use Them or Lose Them: 12 Tax and Financial Planning Moves to Make by Year’s End

A tumultuous year that will be remembered mostly for climatic upheaval, political polarity and dubious celebrity behavior in Hollywood and elsewhere still has something positive to offer people, provided they mobilize to take advantage of before year’s end.

A wide range of tax breaks and other perks are available for the current calendar year to potentially lower a person’s tax exposure for 2017, thus putting more money in their pocket for 2018. “With [proposed] tax reform [at the federal level] and a high [stock] market, there is a plethora of changes that warrant year-end consideration more than ever,” says Leon C. LaBrecque, a Certified Financial Planner™ who heads LJPR Financial Advisors Troy, MI.

Here’s a look at some of those, with tips on how to take advantage of them before they disappear.
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