Meet our Golf/Bocce Ball Outing Charity – Homeward Bound, Inc.

Homeward BoundWhat does it mean to be a “community partner”?  To me, it means “working together in a collaborative way as a team to accomplish good in the community.” 

This year, FPA is a partnering with Homeward Bound the charity organization that was chosen this year to receive the FPA Golf Event proceeds.

Who is Homeward Bound?  Homeward Bound is a local non-profit organization that responds when a critical event occurs which finds a family unprepared and overwhelmed.  Homeward Bound has vast experience, expertise and access to resources which support individuals with severe disabilities in leading a full and dignified life.

Homeward Bound’s mission: “providing innovative & life-enriching services to children, adolescents and adults with disabilities.”   Homeward Bound has 20 residential homes in 10 Twin Cities Metro Communities serving our most vulnerable Minnesotans.

Matthew HarrisPlease meet Matthew of Homeward Bound Bluebird house.  Bluebird house is a CAC or Community Alternative Care home, providing services to 4 young men who are among the most medically fragile individuals in our community.  Minnesota CAC homes provide individuals access to 24 hour nursing care.   The intent of this type of home is to divert individuals with severe and compromised health issues away from hospitals and nursing homes and into the community.    It is established to provide much needed medical and life support to individuals with acute health concerns.

The benefits of a CAC home are immeasurable.  Individuals who live in CAC homes have an increased life-span and rate of survival.  In addition to this, CAC homes save taxpayers money by providing personalized care with a smaller, known staff instead of a large hospital setting with many staff.  Since being at Homeward Bound Bluebird, Matthew’s health has stabilized.  The team of nurses and caregivers have provided Matthew with many years of no hospital visits or surgeries. Matthew does however continue to face serious medical challenges and every day of his life is definitely a gift to be treasured.

“The care that my son, Matthew, has received at Homeward Bound’s Bluebird House over these past years has literally saved his life.  The team of nurses and caregivers has been wonderful to Matthew, providing extensive daily (hourly) cares and medical support.  More than just excellent professionals, they are caring, loving people who value their clients for the wonderful people that they are.”

Steve Harris, Mathew’s Dad

It is because of organizations like FPA that Homeward Bound can continue to work toward our important mission.   We want to thank FPA for your 2017 Community Partnership.  We are excited to be a part of your events this year, to get to know your members and through your generous support accomplish meaningful goals.  With the proceeds that FPA will be donating to Homeward Bound, we will be purchasing some very valuable and necessary medical equipment.  We plan to purchase a GE Carescape Vital Signs Monitor which is a mobile device on a stand that our nurses can use to take temperatures, blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation etc.

We are also planning to purchase a Bladder Scanner that will help us measure bladder volume on individuals with severe disabilities who are non-verbal.  This piece of equipment will reduce infection and other medical issues.

It is through community partnership that important services and supports can be delivered to those in need in our community.  We cannot thank enough FPA for your assistance and support of individuals who through no fault of their own find themselves with extraordinary challenges each and every day.

Thank you so much!

Lori Merriam, Director of Development- Homeward Bound, Inc.

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