Are You Aligned With the Right Type of Financial Professional?

The benefits of working with a financial professional are well-documented, as study after study shows that people who entrust their finances to some type of adviser ultimately are better-positioned to fulfill their goals and meet their obligations than those who don’t.

To fully reap those benefits, however, it’s important for a person to work with the right kind of financial professional — one who’s best-equipped to deliver the type of guidance and expertise appropriate to the person’s needs, circumstances and goals, and one whom that person trusts and is comfortable with in the context of a working relationship.

This could well be the person in whom you trust your financial health for years, even decades, the person you’re likely to lean on for troubleshooting, problem-solving, as a sounding board and a strategist. And given what’s at stake — your money, your family’s financial well-being, your future — you better be sure that financial professional is the right one for you. Below are some suggestions for verifying that you and your current adviser are a good match, and if not, finding one who is:
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