Financial Planning in the Trump Era: Finding Solid Footing Amid a State of Flux

The fundamental justifications for creating a financial plan are the same as they were a year ago, a decade ago, even a generation ago: With a comprehensive, well-thought-out and professionally quarterbacked game plan, a person gains a greater sense of control over their finances and a clear pathway for getting where they want to go in life.

But the tumultuous transition that has accompanied President Donald J. Trump’s move to the White House is creating a heightened level of uncertainty across the American political, social, economic and financial landscape. And that lack of clarity is in turn impacting financial decision-making and planning.

While there are early indications that some policies the Trump Administration is considering pursuing could ultimately prove beneficial for investors and retirement savers, there’s concern that other potential Trump policies could negatively impact the country’s overall economic outlook, as well as peoples’ individual financial well-being. Here a handful of financial professionals who’ve been monitoring developments in Washington, D.C., weigh in about potential Trump policies and how they might impact people financially.
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