Volunteer Opportunities in April

Junior Achievement (JA)


  • Tues, April 11th; 9 -10:30 am
  • Tues, April 18th; 9 -10:30 am


  • Patrick Henry High School - 4320 Newton Ave N, Mpls, MN 55412
    North Mpls at 44th & Penn very close to Robbinsdale


  • The entire Junior class


  • 16 volunteers are needed on both days (for 13 classes)
    People are welcome to volunteer on just one day, or both days


  • JA Personal Finance
    Focus: earning money; spending money wisely through budgeting; saving and investing money; using credit cautiously; and protecting one’s personal finances.
  • JA Personal Finance lesson concepts:
    Budget, Budgeting, Compound interest, Consumer protection, Credit, Credit cards, Credit reports and scores, Debt, Earning, Education, Expense, Fixed expenses, Fraud, Identity theft, Income, Insurance, Interest, Investing, Lifetime earnings, Opportunity cost, Personal finances, Pay yourself first, Principal, Risk, Risk management, Saving money, Savings, Variable expenses
  • JA Personal Finance lesson skills:
    Analyzing information, Categorizing data, Creativity, Decision making, Evaluating alternatives, Graphic presentation, Oral, visual, and written communication, Prioritizing information, Read for understanding, Using a timeline, Working in pairs, teams, and groups

Questions/more information:
Contact: Karyn Thompson; karyn@jaum.org, 651-255-0050, www.jaum.org