Preview: February Chapter Meeting

Submitted by Aaron Hasler - Programs Committee Director

The Programs Committee is thrilled to announce that Minneapolis Federal Reserve President and CEO Neel Kashkari will be speaking to us on February's Chapter Meeting. This presentation will include short prepared thoughts by Mr. Kashkari and then open to questions from the audience about the fed’s policy and plans, economic forecast, and any political or economic issues you are interested in asking. Think about what you want to know from Mr. Kashkari and email your questions to Aaron Hasler at the Programs Committee or bring your questions along and we will have microphone stations to ask your question.

In addition to Neel Kashkari we will have a presentation on “Why Minnesota Works for Investors” from Mairs & Power’s Mark Henneman. A local investment management company, Mark will tell us why Minnesota is unique, what opportunities there are for investments, and where the states economy will be going.
See you in February!