President’s Message – January 2017

Greetings and welcome to 2017!

As the 2017 President of FPA of Minnesota I am energized by new ideas our chapter has in store for the year ahead. After planning sessions at our Strategic Planning Day and at the national OneFPA Chapter Leaders Conference, together our chapter leaders have identified three broad areas on which we will focus in 2017: engagement, education, and community.

These three area present different opportunities for each of us. Consider how you can share your expertise and passion in one or more of these areas:

Through FPA we have the opportunity to engage in our organization, in our community, with our peers. Whether your desire is to help others, support the profession, share your compassion, bring new perspectives to others, or explore your strengths - there is a place for you! Would you like to mentor a high school student? Create a community within our community by forming a study group? Provide guidance to those transitioning from homelessness? Advocate on behalf of our financial planning profession at the capitol? These are only small sample of ways you can enrich your own FPA experience. Watch for opportunities on our website, in your inbox, and at our chapter meetings.

Through FPA we have the chance to receive education as well as the unique opportunity to educate the public about the value of financial planning.

We consistently program quality speakers at our chapter meetings and symposium who provide continuing education necessary for our CFP® marks and other licenses. While our focus remains on continuing education, we have added specialized content for both chapter meetings and symposium as well as stand alone programs. Check out a quarterly Pro Bono Bootcamp or attend a K'Nex event.

We as FPA have the ability to create public awareness and educate the public about our profession and the value of financial planning through a number of outlets. We strive to be the go-to source for local media; you can read our members quoted in the Minneapolis StarTribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press newspapers and see their appearances on various local television news programs. In addition to reaching the public through the media we offer in-person and virtual education to the public. At the annual Twin Cities Financial Planning Day we offer planning workshops and one-on-one sessions with CFP® practitioners to the public. Through Best Prep we e-mentor high school students and give presentations on finances to high school students.

Through FPA we have a place within our profession and in our community at large.

The primary aim of FPA is "to be the community that fosters the value of financial planning and advances the practice and profession of financial planning." We can make a difference within our profession and we have an even larger opportunity to make an impact in our local community. We continue to work together to make our profession a recognized, legitimate profession. Please join us at our next Advocacy Day to experience this first hand. Now, more than ever, it is essential to build awareness and convey to the public the value of financial planning and what the CFP® marks represent.

As I reflect on the year ahead I am grateful for all who make this chapter one of the finest in the country. A heartfelt thank you to my mentors Steve Gilbertson (2016 Chair) and Jeanna Fifer (2016 President), and to Bonnie Stanley (Executive Director), Jessica Hawthorne (Executive Director Assistant), the board of directors, and committee members for their dedication and diligent work to better our chapter.

I am eager to start 2017 with you and encourage you to consider how you will be a part of engaging in our community this year. What we can accomplish together in our organization is so much more than we can do alone.

My best,
Sara Kantor, CFP® - FPA of Minnesota 2017 President
Sara Kantor, CFP® - FPA of Minnesota 2017 President
Sara Kantor, CFP®
Cornerstone Wealth Advisors, Inc.