Financial Education Committee works with BestPrep’s Classroom Plus

BestPrepMembers of the FPA Financial Education Committee worked with BestPrep in September to participate in BestPrep’s Classroom Plus program in the Chanhassen/Chaska high schools. This “Sales Demo” program provides students with increased ability to connect classroom curricula and theory with real world application – in this case, in the area of customer engagement and sales. FPA members partnered with other professionals from various industries to role play and evaluate students’ ability to engage customers, present products, overcome objections and close sales with appropriate follow-up with the customer.

It was a very worthwhile volunteer opportunity and a great way to connect with and coach our future business professionals!

There are numerous upcoming volunteer opportunities with BestPrep and community-based organizations. If you are interested in participating, please contact Jason Kley ( or 952-230-6705).