Become a “go to” source for journalists?

On September 29th, FPA will be hosting it's first virtual media training for 2016. Become a "go to" source for journalists looking for information and commentary on personal finance, financial planning and the profession! Any FPA member who is also a CFP® professional will also be able to then be part of FPA MediaSource – the automated media query system that sends reporter queries to qualified financial planners. Not only is media training mandatory for all CFP® members who want to receive FPA media queries, but the information will enable you to effectively approach media relations within your own business!​

Each 90-minute media training program, conducted by FPA Director of Communications Ben Lewis, covers the essentials in working with journalists, including:​

  • How to pitch story ideas to reporters;
  • What you need to do to prepare for interviews;
  • How you can improve interview performance;
  • The tactics for ensuring you maintain a great reputation with reporters;
  • Representing FPA and the organizational messages; and much more!

Mark your calendar and register to take advantage of this member benefit.