Member Experience Update

At the July Chapter Meeting we played “Reverse BINGO” for a fund raiser event for Can Do Canines. The winner taking home 1/2 the pot was Pamela Heimdal.  It was a battle right down to the end with two players needing 4 more numbers called before one was eliminated.  Thank you to all who participated in the game. It raised $90 for the Can Do Canines.

Member Experience was contacted by a FPA of MN member inquiring about a notice he received regarding his renewal was due. These notices come from FPA National. He believed he had requested automatic renewal.   After some research we found the Auto Renewal box was not checked.  It got resolved. When selecting Auto Renewal you receive a $50 discount off your membership fee. Make sure to check the Auto-Renewal box when renewing your FPA membership.

If you have questions like this or want more info on membership benefits don’t hesitate to contact Member Experience Committee.  We are here to help.