FPA of MN Member Wins BestPrep’s 2016 Bunzel Volunteer of the Year Award

Kley-BestPrep-Bunzel-AwardFPA of Minnesota member Jason Kley was recently honored with BestPrep’s 2016 Bunzel Volunteer of the Year Award for providing educational opportunities for students.  Jason’s involvement with BestPrep goes back nearly 25 years, beginning with his attendance of Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) summer camp, learning business principles and teamwork. Jason would later return to MBV as a Resident Business Leader, mentoring a team of students through their week. He now speaks in classrooms on financial and career topics and serves on the Financial Matters Ambassador Committee.

“I volunteer my time because I believe in BestPrep and am passionate about education youth about business, careers, and finances,” Jason shared. “These programs allow me to give back to an organization that has given me so much, and has allowed me to make a further impact by providing financial education to our students.”

The Bunzel Volunteer of the year award commemorates the efforts of Eric Bunzel, retired President of Cargill Ferrous International. Since its inception, the award has been presented to more than 20 individuals whose volunteer efforts and commitment to the students of Minnesota have been exemplary. Jason was selected to receive this award from a group of over 4,000 volunteers.