Recap: 2nd Annual One-on-One Financial Counseling with AmeriCorps/CollegePossible

AmeriCorpsCollege-PossibleFor second year running, 8 Pro Bono Committee members and volunteers conducted a one-on-one, 20-minute financial counseling session with 32 AmeriCorp members in collaboration with CollegePossible.  The event took place on March 22nd, Friday, from 1 – 3 PM, at CollegePossible’s St. Paul campus on Fairview and University.

AmeriCorp members asked our volunteer planners following questions.  How would you answer them?

  • How can I keep my car and make ends meet?
    Members’ stipend is $1,000 a month.
  • How do I manage my student loans?
  • Should I apply the Academic Credit to pay down student loans or use it to pay for graduate school?
    Members receive non-taxable $6,500 in academic credit at the end of one year of commitment.
  • I’m starting a real job in June, what should I know and do?
    Our annual one-on-one financial counseling is one of the few transitional AmeriCorp to career transitional informational counseling they receive.
  • Should I continue with 2nd year of this program?
    Members are passionate and committed to serving their communities.

Thanks to San Asato, Earl Cohen, Jennifer Elston-Brondell, Joe Downes, Doug Heagren, Scott Nelson, Corey Purkat, and Tiffany Rovaina for volunteering and making this event happen, and positively impacting lives and our communities.

Earl-Laura-ProBono-March-2016 Corey-David-ProBono-March-2016