President’s Message – November, 2015

Recap: Past Presidents’ Reception

Greetings to all,
A consistent theme I hear among FPA of MN leaders I speak to, both current and recent leaders, is what a humbling experience it is to have the privilege of leading such a great Chapter as FPA of MN. I have certainly found that to be the case for myself. We hear all the time from people throughout the country what an amazing Chapter we have in Minnesota. A goal, then, for current leaders is to continue to build on the foundation created by the great past leaders of FPA of MN, to build on their legacy. That is the message that I shared at our recent Past Presidents’ reception that was held on October 22nd at Golden Valley Country Club.

The second annual Past Presidents’ reception (a program which was created by our current Chair of the Board, Julieann Schroeder) had as its theme the topic of member engagement. With a room of Past Presidents’, we had a broad range of perspectives and were able to have a great dialogue on timely and diverse topics such as how best to deliver practice management content, how to effectively engage our out-state members, and how to both be relevant for newer/younger members while not alienating the veteran members of FPA of MN. This insight will be hugely useful as we continue to work to enhance our programs and initiatives and work to make your membership experience as valuable to possible.

For me personally, it was both very insightful and humbling to hear the stories and perspectives of all the great past presidents who attended, from those who served recently to one who served in a predecessor organization from 1974-1976! I want to give a huge thanks to those who attended for taking the time out of their busy lives to continue to give their time and their insights to FPA of MN. We will certainly put their insights and feedback to good use and continue to do all that we can to build on their legacy in continuing to help this great Chapter thrive. Specifically, thanks so much to the following Past Presidents who were able to attend:

  • Shawn Jacobson
  • Paul Kenworthy
  • Kathy Longo
  • Mike Miller
  • Buzz Moen
  • Jason Plank
  • Joan Rossi
  • Janet Stanzak
  • Peter Wielinski

As always, feel free to let me or any of our Board members know of any questions, comments, or concerns that you have. We strive to “ask-listen-respond.”

Steve Gilbertson, CFP®

Steve Gilbertson, CFP®
Accredited Investors, Inc.