Free financial advice without the third degree

Star Tribune - Free financial advice without the third degree - FP Day coverage, October 8, 2015

I'll bet many of us would rather endure a colonoscopy than meet with a financial planner. Either way we're going to be asked very personal questions and suffer through physical or financial probing.

Only 11 percent of Minneapolis residents have developed a written plan to address their financial goals with an advisor, according to a 2015 Planning & Progress study. for Northwestern Mutual. Any of us can easily come up with reasons that we avoid planners.

  1. They're going to tell me I'm not saving enough.
  2. They're going to ask how much money I make.
  3. They're going to put me on a strict budget.

Here's the good news: At a free event called Financial Planning Day, anyone can sit down with a financial planner for 15 to 30 minutes where you control the questions.

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