Recap: FPAMN K’Nex – Discovering Growth and Continuity with Generational Partner(s)

KNex-event-July22At the K’Nex event on July 22nd about 30 attendees learned about adding a generational partner to their business with the benefit of increased growth and continuity. Aaron Hasler presented three main strategies that advisors are implementing, drawing upon the MN Twins as an analogy. The first strategy is the Brian Dozier, who was a late round draft pick that the Twins waited patiently to develop into the All-Star he is today. The second strategy is the Miguel Sano, who was a highly rated prospect by the time he was just 16 years old and has quickly progressed to the major leagues. Lastly, the Ervin Santana, the proven veteran the Twins signed to a large multi-year contract. While each of these strategies have their benefits and drawbacks, the approach suggested by Aaron is to first identify your objectives and second evaluate all options. If you missed the event and are interested in learning more please contact Aaron - 612-208-0653.