President’s Message – July, 2015

Greetings to all,
With the year already half over (hard to believe!), I wanted to take this opportunity to revisit a topic that has been a primary focus of FPA of MN leadership for 2015, the idea of “asking, listening, and responding,” to you, our highly-valued FPA of MN members.

Know that to the extent you are willing to take the time to provide feedback, whether through a survey you receive via e-mail, an e-mail you send to Bonnie, or a one-on-one conversation you have with a Board member, we appreciate your input very much. We listen to it and, where feasible, respond to it accordingly.

Here is a small sampling of the ways we have sought to “ask, listen, and respond” throughout the year:

  • In response to the 2014 end-of-year member survey in which members expressed an interest in more practice management topics, a number of FPA committees collaborated to create an after-hours practice management series, with the first being in May on the topic of “How To Get More ROI from Social Media.” The second program in series, “The Pros and Cons of Partnerships” will take place on July 22 from 5:00 – 6:30. More details to come.
  • In response to our Pro Bono volunteers’ request for ongoing training to empower them to better serve our Pro Bono clients, we created a series of workshops following Chapter meetings on topics of relevance. Topics to-date have included a general “boot camp” to provide general training, debt/credit repair, and working with members of the military. Our next workshop is coming up on July 21st following the Chapter meeting on the topic of Special Needs planning.
  • In response to feedback following last year’s Symposium requesting additional advanced planning content, the Symposium committee put an emphasis on including content of this nature, including speakers such as Michael Kitces and Bob Keebler. Additionally, in response to feedback regarding breakout sessions, the schedule has been structured in such a way as to give attendees a better opportunity to attend the key breakout sessions in which they have an interest. In all, I think this year’s Symposium will be an extremely impactful event. To register or find out more, click here.

Be on the lookout for the remainder of the year as we continue to find ways to “respond” to the needs of our members and help you maximize the value you get from your FPA membership. As always, feel free to let me or any of our Board members know of any questions, comments, or concerns that you have. We strive to “ask-listen-respond.”

Steve Gilbertson, CFP®

Steve Gilbertson, CFP®
Accredited Investors, Inc.