Member Testimonial

Michelle Campbell, CFP®"I initially joined the FPA, over 10 years ago, because I was told it is a great organization and will look good on a resume, plus I can earn Continuing Education credits by attending chapter meetings. The colleagues who told me that were not members, nor were many people I worked closely with. So, being in Woodbury, the thought of driving to Golden Valley and walking into a meeting of complete strangers was not very appealing.

Several years ago, a good friend (who has been very active with the MN Chapter) encouraged me to attend a meeting to check it out again. And, I am so glad I did! My membership and involvement have provided me many lasting friendships, many opportunities to further develop my abilities to better work with clients and an amazing network of other professionals.

My friend took the effort to introduce me to other members and went out of his way to make me feel welcome. Today, we have the Chapter Guide program to help with that role. What a great organization we have!"

Michelle Campbell, CFP®
Director of Investment Management
Callahan Financial Planning Corporation