May Member Discount – Comcast Business Class

Comcast Business Class powered by Integrated Communications

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Comcast Business Class offers Internet, Ethernet, Voice and TV for businesses.

Services are delivered over a diverse, private network - the nation's leading alternative to the phone company. With Internet speeds up to 66 times faster than standard DSL and T1 and Ethernet that provides carrier-grade data and Internet services, at speeds up to 10 GBPS, businesses will find the right solution.

Business Class Voice offers a variety of options like voice lines and PRI trunks. And Business Class TV will keep customers entertained. Customers also value the 24/7 business class support.

Also, check out these other program offerings:

  • Managed IP (hosted VoIP solution for businesses near the end of their phone contracts or with multiple locations). With ManagedIP, there are no expensive installation or upfront frees - just a bundled program with tons of features (i.e., remote office, call alert/history, call rejection/forwarding, simultaneous ring, messaging and custom greetings, etc.) under one easy monthly bill.
  • Teleconferencing multiple plans ($.05/min. with a 24/7 personal dial-in conference facility, integrated with your email/calendar planner, billing management, call recording and in-call control, pay-as-you go, easy set-up via a simple website or your BlackBerry® Smartphone or Windows Mobile. Dial in from any phone.)
  • Local/long-distance T-1, DSL, etc.

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