FPA of MN at the 2015 STEM Expo

FPA of Minnesota was represented at the 2015 STEM Expo by members (Jason Kley, Karen Gemmill, Jeanna Fifer and Seth Tenpenny) of the Financial Education Committee. The 4th annual STEM and Career Exploration Expo is an event for all 6th grade students in the Minneapolis Public School system (~2,500 students in total) held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Students are given the opportunity to explore a variety of career options that require an academic foundation in science, technology, engineering and math. FPA Minnesota was asked to participate in BestPrep's "Financial Alley." This portion of the event was designed to increase awareness of various financial literacy topics as well as to learn more about career options in financial services. Members of the Financial Education committee met with several hundred students throughout the day and introduced the concept of compounding using a simulation provided through the website bankrate.com. Many of the students came to the FPA exhibit with little or no knowledge of compounding and walked away with an understanding of the inputs used in compounding and how it can work for an investor and against a debtor.

In addition to a quick lesson on compounding, participants were given a brief description of what one can do in the financial planning field and an overview of skills learned in school that can be helpful for a success career in financial planning.