President’s Message – July 2014

Greetings ..... As I write this month we are looking forward to a very busy month with the FPA of Minnesota !  One of the social networking events we host each year is the Golf and Bocce Ball event.  This years' event is being held at Brackett's Crossing Golf Club in Prior Lake, MN - please read further in the newsletter for more details.  I wanted to highlight our benefactor for 2014:  Alzheimer's Association of Minnesota.  Coincidentally enough when I read Investment News ( May 26, 2014) they featured an article: Be prepared for coming Alzheimer's crisis:  it is a fact that every 67 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's.  That means that by the time most of you finish reading my article, almost 4 Americans will set foot on a path that ends in death for more than 500,000 people a year; making Alzheimer's - a form of dementia - the No. 6 cause of death in this country.  The number of Americans afflicted with Alzheimer's is expected to more than triple by 2050, to 16 million, up from 5 million today.  These facts are staggering.  Please join us in helping support this organization while at the same time enjoying a leisure day away from the office networking with your colleagues.

My sincere and personal gratitude to the Member Services committee for coordinating this event and to all other individuals and sponsors for your efforts too.

2014 continues to be of year of progress for our chapter.  With progress evolves change.  You will notice a big change in the newsletter.   We are making these changes in coordination with FPA National to create uniformity and consistency.  Please let us know how you like our new look - we always appreciate and value your comments.

I trust each of you have  plans to enjoy and  savor the Summer season in MN. We all deserve it after the arduous Winter we recently endured.

Please apply my monthly quote in your every day life:

Sincere regards, julieann

Julieann Schroeder President, FPA of Minnesota
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