June Member Discount – Ignite Payments/First Data


Ignite Payments/First Data - Benefit:  for FPA of MN Members

Don't Overpay in Credit Card Fees: Deeply reduced rates and receive a cost savings analysis of your current rates


Ignite Payments/First Data is an established leader in the transaction processing industry. We provide flexible, robust, reliable products and services that enable merchants across the nation to accept nearly every type of electronic payment.

Program Benefits:

  • InterChange Plus pricing (the only model that benefits the merchant)
  • Average cost savings is $4,000 and the highest is over $100k
  • Easy Conversion, less than 45 minutes from paperwork to 1st transaction
  • Quarterly audits to ensure you are getting the lowest rates
  • You can never eliminate "downgrades", but we can help you minimize them

Mobile Pay - Wireless Payment Solutions

  •   Fast, safe and flexible processing anywhere you go with your smartphone
  • First Data Mobile Pay App - a handy encrypting card reader device that plugs into your Android, Blackberry or iPhone
  • Web-based First Data Mobile Pay - no additional equipment, navigate to the URL and enter/transmit the credit card number
  • Process payments in real time with an e-receipt upon completion