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Programs Committee

Patrick Hager
Patrick Hager, Director

Committee Members
Jerry Brennan
Earl Cohen
Erich Leidel
Jason Plank
Barbara Sager
Paul Wilson


Monthly Updates

November 28, 2016
Submitted by Aaron Hasler - Programs Committee Director Thank you to all who have participated in a monthly chapter meeting in 2016. Your attendance helps build a wonderful professional community that is the best in our business. I encourage and
July 28, 2016
Michael Kitces was out July speaker and gave us a fantastic breakdown of the Robo or digital advice landscape and why they are a tool to be embraced rather than a threat to be feared. In the second hour of
March 28, 2016
Are you going to live to be 100? Carolyn McClanahan asked this question as she discussed allocating for health expenditures and planning for health care through our client’s retirement years. Carolyn raises many concerns and discussed the use of insurance
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