​June 17th Review: Planning in Light of Minnesota’s New Marriage Laws

On June 17, 2014 FPA of Minnesota found out more about the new civil marriage law for Minnesota. For the first half Michelle Rehbein & Shane Swanson presented the challenges that GLBT couples are presented on the question of marriage. Many of the items were standard questions that any couple should think about when getting married, but many straight or gay couples don’t. The difference is many same-sex couples have agreements in place to give them the similar rights as a marriage license will do. So getting married may be a more pragmatic decision. Even with a marriage there are many issues that come up when traveling out of state.

For me, the more interesting part was the second half with Gary Debele. Adoption to same-sex couples is complicated. The current adoption code in Minnesota states only single and married couples can adopt. Prior to the civil marriage law it would prove to be more difficult to same-sex couples to adopt. Lawyers would have to find a sympathetic judge. Things get even more complicated when there is a donor or a surrogate mother. There are even more people who could lay claim to the child. What if it is a family friend?

Overall it was extremely informative for planners who are serving this community.